Moving vdServerArcvhive to a remote location

Path Change to NAS for VersionDog Server.

1. Copy the folder ‘vdServerArchive’ from its current place in the NAS to your new desired location.
2. In the Admin Client go to INI Files and select ‘server.ini’
3. Under [Common] line 5508 is the address to your remote archive. Copy the new pathway after =
*Note* The new pathway must point to the directory containing the project tree, VD$A, VD$Q, etc. If you’re one level up, a file containing ‘vdServerArchive’, you’ll get errors when you try to check components in or out.
4. Close any open versiondog clients and stop the ‘VDogMasterService’
5. When you restart the service, versiondog will work with the new archive

It will also be necessary that the service account running VDogMasterService has read and write permissions to that location.
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